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What i do

and How I Can Help You

The coaching process involves supporting you, as a client, to set goals, unearth values and strengths, and access intrinsic motivations to encourage the development of your full potential.


My goal as a coach is to help you to make a plan to live the life that you want to live. Some people want to improve their personal relationships. Others want success in their professional careers, or to contribute to a greater cause. You may just want to live a generally healthier and more balanced life. My objective is to help you to accomplish your goals, whatever they might be.

Here's an idea of how I go about doing this: Consider, for a moment, what you want your life to look like 5 years from now. For example, are you happily married? Do you have a six figure income? Are you healthy, or active in your community? Now, evaluate this image: is it achievable? What could make it achievable? My role is to work with you on clarifying and identifying the steps you might take and challenges you might encounter. I will track your progress and hold you accountable on the way to fulfilling your goals.



  • Goals Setting

  • Building Better Habits

  • High Performance

  • Self Esteem and Body Image

  • Relationships

  • Principles of Success



First, let me express my gratitude and respect for your interest in change. Every journey starts with the first step and I applaud you for taking it! 


As a child, all I wanted was to become a teacher, so I did, at the age of 21. But, when I immigrated to the United States from Uzbekistan, I chose a path in software engineering. From the ground up, I built a career in managing teams for software companies in Silicon Valley. 

I realized my passion for coaching when I worked with a life coach myself, years later. I sought out help to clarify my goals in life and to get rid of distractions, and I received it! I decided to pursue it for myself, meeting many like minded people along the way. Out of that journey I learned two lessons: first, we are never alone with our problems, and second, there are so many people who struggle when they don’t have to. I realized that I want to help them.


  • Life, Health, Performance, Personal Development 

  • Positive Psychology 

  • Performance and Time Management

  • Certified Strategic Intervention Coach (Robbins-Madanes Training)

  • Certified Human Potential Coach (Human Potential Institute)

  • Core 100 Human Needs (Robbins-Madanes Training)

About Me




I had never expected working with a life coach to help me so much. She has brought me such clarity and I greatly appreciate all of Yelena's help, I know I'm not an easy person to deal with. She always knows the right questions to ask and just what to say when I'm feeling stuck. Yelena is extremely intuitive, professional, and helpful.

It's hard to express just how much Yelena has helped me. I was in a difficult place and she was there for me.


I was skeptical of coaching at first but Yelena quickly changed my mind. I'm glad I found Yelena when I did, few coaches are as perceptive as her.


After every session I feel full of inspiration and newfound potential to achieve something great. My approaches to conflict and problem solving have changed entirely. With yelena"s help, I'm ready for whichever direction life takes me. Thank you!

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